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Orange Themes


Q: How and where to find my purchase code?

You can do that by following this guide:

Q: The plugins that came with this theme are outdated, I cannot update them. What to do?

Unfortunately we cannot provide automatic updates for these plugins, but we do include newest versions of these plugins once we launch an update for the theme. You can find a guide on how to update them here:

Q: The slider does not show any posts, what to do?

Make sure you have posts that are selected as the featured posts for these blocks while editing them.

Q: Can I remove the "Designed By" text in the Footer?

Yes, you can. This option will be available in Portus Management → General → Contact/Footer" section.

Q: This theme isn't what I wanted, can I receive a refund?

Unfortunately we do not handle refunds since we do not sell our themes directly. You must contact Envato support on this regard.

Q: I've encountered White Screen of death / a fatal error what do I do?

Please check your web server log files for more information about the error, if needed contact our support for more assistance.

Q: We love this theme, how can we support it?

You can rate our theme in Downloads Section in ThemeForest. A 5 star rating would be an enormous help to us! :)