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Orange Themes

General Settings / General

The General settings page, located in "Appearance → Portus Management → General → General", consists of multiple general site-wide settings which will be listed below:

Set up Your Homepage and post page

This setting checks whether you have set up the Homepage and displays a notification if it is not set. If the homepage is set, it will display links to both homepage and blog page.

Load dynamic js/css files directly in header

Loads dynamic page js/css files directly into page headers which might improve your page speed on some servers, but it depends on server configuration.

Allow to Output JavaScript and All HTML tags in Dynamic Data in Theme

By default theme does not allow including HTML elements like iframes and scripts into the widgets etc. This might help with adding javascript advertisements to your banners etc.

Theme Auto Update Needed Details

In order to automatically update the theme whether a new version is come out, you can set up the AutoUpdater. It will require setting up your:

  • ThemeForest username (case sensitive)
  • ThemeForest API Key — can be obtained at
  • Theme purchase code — can be obtained in Downloads section of ThemeForest by downloading and opening up the "License certificate & purchase code"

If there are any problems while updating the theme, please make sure that the "/wp-content" directory has correct writeable permissions.

Add logo image

With this setting you can change your logo displayed in the header of the site. It accepts two logo images one for normal pixel density and one for retina displays.

Export/Import Theme Settings

With this option you can Import & Export your settings for the whole Management Page.

Unit Settings

Adds option to enable and disable separate functions like:

  • Show Search In Main Menu
  • Enable 'Read Later' Option
  • Hide Duplicate Posts On Homepage

Time Settings

You can switch between Human Time Format (e.g. "1 month ago") or to use Wordpress Defined Time Format which can be set in "Settings → General → Date Format"

Weather Forecast

Displays weather forecast in the header of the page.

In order to enable it, check the "Show Weather Forecast" checkbox.

Please note that you will need to require World Weather Online API key which can be done here:

The "Search For Customer Location" option will determine visitors location by it's IP address and display the weather for that location.

The "Set Your Own Custom Location" will display a set location (e.g. "London, United Kingdom").