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Orange Themes

Updating Theme & Plugins

Automatic Updating

There is an option for the theme to update automatically, you can enable it in management page.

Updating Manually

Once there is a newer version of the theme released, you can download it in ThemeForest Downloads section by simply re-downloading the theme once more.

In order to update theme we strongly suggest that you are using FTP or similar service to access the files directly and replace them. You can check changes.txt file to see which files exactly were updated.

Note that uploading the theme in "Appearance -> Themes -> Upload" will consider it as a completely new theme and all your configurations will be lost.

* Make sure to make backups before you are making any changes, we will not be held responsible for any data you have lost.

** If you have a customized parent theme (not using a child theme for customizations), you can use the changes.txt file and apps like WinMerge and CompareMerge to differentiate the changes and merge the customizations with the new version.

*** If you are using a child theme and it still shows that you need to update the theme, make sure to update the child theme's style.css file with the correct version.

Updating plugins

Currently you will not be able to activate some plugins with our purchase code because it is verifying the purchase for the plugin itself.

The only thing this affects is the automatic update function that will not work, but we will be launching an update for the theme including the latest version of the plugin periodically.

Once there is an update for any plugin we include in our theme, we will release an update for the theme. Although we provide updates for them, you will have to update the plugins manually.

All the plugins will be stored in .zip files in "includes/lib/plugins" directory located in theme's root folder.

You will have to replace the plugin in your "/wp-content/plugins" folder with the contents of the .zip archive mentioned above.