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Orange Themes

Importing Widgets

The widgets can be set in Appearance → Widgets page. In this page you will be given a list of registered sidebars and you can drag&drop preset widgets into them. Here you can view a full guide on how to use Wordpress widgets.


In order to register new sidebars you can navigate to "Appearance → Portus Management → Sidebar Settings"

Portus custom widgets

Here will be a list of widgets that are custom for Portus theme:

Widget NameDescriptionPreview
Portus About

Displays "About us" information into a widget.

Portus About
Portus Custom 300x250/300x600/160x600 Ads

A widget that allows the display and configuration of of a single 300x250 Banner.

Portus Custom 300x250/300x600 Ads
Portus Flickr

Displays latest Flickr images from a specific user

Portus Flickr
Portus Latest News

Displays latest news from blog.

Portus Latest Comments/Posts & Popular Posts
Portus Popular News

Displays all the popular posts from blog.

Portus Latest News
Portus Reviews

Displays all the review posts from blog. (must have the review meta fields filled in while editing the post).

Portus Latest News