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Orange Themes

Importing Quickstart XML

Once the theme is installed, you can go to the "Appearance -> Portus Management" and on the first time viewing the page there will be an option to import demo content:

Quickstart XML

Here you can select the features you want to Import into your site:

  • Note that if you wish to import the demo content you will need to install the "Wordpress Import" plugin and the others if you wish to use their demo content as well.

Once selected, click on the "Install selected content" and it will import it.

  • Note that the demo content contains images we do not provide licenses for, if you intend on using them you will need to obtain licenses for them on PhotoDune.
  • The import process might take a long time and it might exceed your max_execution_time directive in php configuration, make sure to increase it in your php.ini file.
  • First few page views on the front page will take up a wast amount of memory because of the image resizing processes, if you are encountering an error while the images are resized, you might want to increase the memory_limit in your php.ini or reload the page multiple times until all the images are resized and the error is gone.

Once you have set up the demo content, now you can set up the Homepage.